Planning a boys Jumping Castle Birthday Party

Monster Trucks, Toy Story, Superhero's. We have everything & more to make sure your little one has the best day!

Your little rascal's birthday is fast approaching & the only thing we're certain of is he deserves the best party possible! (& maybe some way to tire him out)

We've made a quick and easy guide to ensure your little boy has the best party every.

1. Pick a theme and let their imagination run wild!

Kid's have the most incredible imagination. As long as he has his friends, a little bit to much sugar & a Jumping Castle, you'll be astonished by how much fun they all have. Toy Story, Monster Trucks, Spider Man, Paw Patrol, The Avengers, Star Wars, Thomas the Tank Engine, Minecraft, TMNT, Jungle, Batman, Marvel & Dinosaurs. We've got every themed jumping castle your boy could ever dream & more!

2. Be Prepared!

A birthday can be a lot to organise, on top of an already busy schedule. Food, decorations, tables & chairs can all be a headache. What's most important is to ensure everyone is invited and they can all enjoy their time at the party! 

A small tip worth noting, don't stress the small stuff! 

3. Hire a Jumping Castle

Now there is no better way to excite all your guests, while also making sure everyone's tuckered out ready for bed by the end of the day than a Jumping Castle. 

With slides, basketball hoops, obstacles & more. 

Feel free to check out our range or give us a call!

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