Bouncing For a Better Cause!

How Jumping Castles can help promote mental health awareness!
A-Leap working together with the push up challenge charity

A-Leap x The Push-Up Challenge

Mental Health is an essential aspect of our overall well-being, and it is so important to take care of it, as we do our physical health. Unfortunately, mental health issues are prevalent in today's world, and we often struggle to talk about them openly. To bring this to light, The Push for Better, Push-Up Challenge was created. This challenge encourages people to take care of their mental health while also raising awareness and money to go towards mental health initiatives. At A-Leap Castle Hire we are passionate about this cause and want to do our part in promoting it. That is why Cassidy, Bailey and I have decided to sign up for this challenge and within this blog we will keep you updated on this challenge and how we go with it!

Promoting Mental Health Awareness:

At A-Leap Castle Hire, we understand how important mental health is and we want to help promote awareness of it. By participating in the "Push for Better, Push-Up Challenge" we can raise awareness for mental health initiatives and encourage others to talk more openly about their mental health. We are certain that our jumping castles can help promote better mental health in people of all ages. Bouncing around on our castles is a fun and physical activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety, while simultaneously giving children a chance to socialise and connect with other children, which is also vital for improved mental health and a better state of mind.

The Push for Better, Push-Up Challenge:

The Push for Better, Push-Up Challenge is an initiative that encourages people to put their mental health first. This challenge involves completing 3,144 push-ups over a span of 23 days, from the 1st June to the 23rd June. This number, sadly represents the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2021. By participating in this challenge, we are helping raise funds for an incredible cause, while hopefully inspiring other people to get involved and "Push for Better".

Below is a podcast of the founder of the "Push for Better, Push-Up Challenge (Nick Hudson) and his story of open heart surgery, depression, and growing Australia's largest exercise based mental health event, from just 4 mates trying to get fit, to engaging more than 300,000 participants and raising more than $26 million dollars for mental health awareness.

With the Push-Up Challenge come to an end, nearly 10,000 push-ups completed between Cassidy, Bailey and I, this was an incredible challenge and really gave a sense of achievement and completion once it was done. With some days exceeding 200 push-ups, this was a mental and physical challenge but we enjoyed every single second of it. Raising funds, raising awareness as well as influencing others to look after themselves and "Push For Better", this challenge was just one of many more to come! 

If you would like to view a small collection of videos that were put together of the A-Leap team getting down and smashing out these push-ups, there is a video pinned to our Instagram page you can find right here!

We hope you are all looking after yourself and we hope to hear from you soon! 

From the A-Leap Team!

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