Tips For Hiring The Perfect Jumping Castle!

Hiring a jumping castle is always a favourite choice when it comes to kids, but no jumping castle is the exact same. They come in SO many different shapes, sizes an colours. Some designed for adults, other's for teenagers and last but definitely not least, for children. This can make selecting a jumping castle for your next party harder than it needs to be. In this blog we will aim to cover everything you need to know about hiring a jumping castle here on the Gold Coast!

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Is It Suitable?

The most important thing to consider when hiring a jumping castle is, will it suit the particular needs of the party you are having? 

Does it fit the space you have in your back or front yard? Will it accommodate the amount of children you are planning to invite? Does the venue allow inflatables?


Different jumping castle's require different amount's of area once blown up. For example, here at A-Leap we have castle's that are 9m x 4.5m when blown up and other's that are 4.5m x 4.5m when blown up. Generally we also like to allow a metre each side of this to ensure the safety of the children getting in and out of the castle, as well as the blower which keeps this castle inflated throughout the duration of the hire. It is always wise to check dimensions before booking to ensure that your party goes ahead as smoothly as possible.


Your jumping castle will arrive rolled up, unloaded and moved to where you would like it, and then inflated. Due to this the location needs to be accessible with a dolly. Bounce houses are incredibly heavy, so if there is no gateway access or if there is stairs, this can create problems. Here at A-Leap we try our best to avoid taking jumping castles through houses and up stairs as it is a risk both to the homeowner and also to us and our staff to drag 100kg plus through these environments.

Requirements to Set-Up:

There are requirements that have to be met for us to set-up a jumping castle at your location. We will need to be able to get access to a standard electrical socket that is not faulty or damaged. When we arrive for the hire, we do carry 20 metre extension chords, so as long as the jumping castle is within 20 metres of an electrical socket, we can get power to the blower to get the jumping castle inflated. One of the most important requirements of a hire is that you need a flat surface. We cannot set up on a hill or a slope as this then places the children (or whoever plays on the castle) at risk of falling off or out of the inflatable. One thing we definitely appreciate when it comes to setting up is when the area is clean. No toys laying around, no dog poo, sharp objects or obstructions out of the ground. This means we can go right ahead and get your inflatable set up as fast as possible! Last but not least, we are most happy to set up on grass or soft ground. This way we can get our pegs/anchors into the ground through all tether points to ensure the castle does not move or topple throughout the course of the hire. We do NOT set up on gravel. It is too dangerous and also causes a lot of damage to the jumping castles.

So now that you know everything you need to know about booking the correct castle for your next party or event, scroll to the top of the page, click "Hiring a Jumping Castle" and book your castle today!

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