Triple Castle Special!

Here at A-Leap Castle Hire, we are always thinking about how we can make your events or parties even better. How we can put a smile on another face or make another child the happiest child on earth, even if it's just for the day, we want our events to be UNFORGETTABLE! 

Now, what better way to do this than offering you not one, not two, but three Jumping Castle's, for the price of TWO!

We could not be happier to offer our "Triple Castle Special" to all of our incredible customers, and you want to know what's even better? This isn't a limited time event!

 From now on if you hire 3 castles, you only have to pay for 2! An offer like this will take your party or event to the next level of entertainment, wether you are celebrating a birthday bash, a family reunion or event, our trio of jumping castle's will keep everybody entertained! We look forward to becoming a bigger part of the Gold Coast Community and we cannot wait to see you all enjoying what we have to offer!

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Happy Jumping!

Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Jumping Castle Party!