A-Leap x Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

A-Leap Castle Hire have decided to take part in helping raise funds for an incredible fundraiser called the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. The reason I chose this foundation is because on August 13th, 2022, I lost my grandad due to an inoperable brain tumour, so when I heard from my sister that they were running a fundraiser at "St Joseph's Outside School Hours Care" in Coomera for this foundation. I knew A-Leap had to take part. 

Prizes & Rewards!

If you have hired from us before, or plan too in the future, there is a very high chance you live on or near the Gold Coast. Now if you happen to have a young child that goes to "St Joseph's College Kindergarten & OSH Care" in Coomera, you would know that there are so many prizes to be won if you choose to buy tickets and raise funds for this beautiful fundraiser. 

We really wanted to give you the chance to win something big and at the same time get some serious money raised for this foundation, so for the small price of $10, you get the chance to win a FREE Jumping Castle Hire of your choice for a whole day. An entry of $10 could win you a day's worth of fun, laughter and happiness worth hundred's of dollars, while also putting your money towards a cause that means so much to us here at A-Leap and especially myself.

Charity event we donated Jumping Castle

On that note, we cannot wait to hear how much is raised for the "Cure Brain Cancer Foundation" and to find out who win's this amazing prize. I look forward to helping you have an amazing day and thank you for donating to this fundraiser.

From the A-Leap Team.

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